Welcome to the home of Comp-Engine for Networks, a comparison engine for graphs or networks and their analysis methods. The site will help the exchange, and use, of network data and network analysis methods. It collates hundreds of methods taken from across the scientific literature for analysing the structure of networks.

A research article analysing this resource, and describing how it can be used to perform highly-comparative network analysis, is currently under preparation. Older extended abstracts entitled “High Throughput Network Analysis” have appeared in the Proceedings of the Workshop on Analysis of Complex Networks (http://kdd.isti.cnr.it/acne/ACNE-2010-PROCEEDINGS.pdf), ECML PKDD 2010, and Machine Learning in Systems Biology (MLSB), Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop (http://mlsb10.ijs.si/files/MLSB10-Proceedings.pdf), ICSB 2010.

We hope to continue to develop this resource with input from the scientific community, and that it becomes a truly dynamic tool for guiding progress in network analysis as it occurs across the scientific disciplines. For example, in future we hope to incorporate functionality allowing users to visualise different networks, probe their interconnections, or upload their own data to compare against the existing database.